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4.1. Approving & Promoting Testimonials

Approving & Promoting Testimonials

Note: Only Survey Responses with a Testimonial can be reviewed and published.


We convert your testimonials to our Visual Testimonials format to enable simple and effective sharing via your social and other channels.

Click on a color to change the border of the testimonial.  

To save the Visual Testimonial to your hard drive: Click on the Visual testimonial to make larger and then Right click to save the image.

Every testimonial must be approved by you before it will appear on your Agent Profile Page. We only ask for testimonials from clients who were
highly satisfied with your performance, but there may be many reasons why you might not want a testimonial to be public. 

When collecting the Testimonial we are also collecting permission from your customer to use and display the Testimonial 'as is' on your behalf.

This means we are unable to make changes to it with out their permission. If there are typos or things that need to be edited, and you were to seek your client's permission, you can have them provide it to us at using your name or the property as a reference.



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