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4.1. Approving & Promoting Testimonials


Note: Only Survey Responses with a Testimonial can be reviewed and published. Surveys completed with ratings only are automatically posted to your agent profile page.

When a survey is completed with a testimonial, it must be approved by you before it appears on your public profile page. To approve the testimonial, go to the ‘Testimonials’ section of your Agent Dashboard and you will see a list of 'Testimonials Needing Approval'. Click on the 'Review' button next to the testimonial you would like to approve.

Once you start the review process, click on a color from the color picker to change the border color of the visual testimonial. Now, choose ‘Let everyone see this testimonial’ or you can keep the testimonial private and hidden from your feeds by selecting ‘Keep this one private’. Testimonials that you make Public will appear on your Agent Profile Page and anywhere that your Agent or Office RSS feed has been used.

We convert your testimonials into a Visual Testimonial, so you can easily share it online and on social media (or anywhere you would like to share it). Before publishing to your social media channels, please be sure that you have enabled your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram toggle under your Social Media Manager settings. 

If you do publish your testimonial on your social media channels, you can customize the text for the message 'Add text to the post' before it gets post. We automatically pre-populate a default message to save you time. You can also choose not to post a particular testimonial on your social channels by selecting 'No Thanks'.

Click on 'Confirm' to proceed.


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