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4.1. Approving & Promoting Testimonials

Note: Only Survey Responses with a Testimonial can be reviewed and published. Surveys completed with ratings only are automatically posted.

When a survey is completed with a testimonial, it must be approved by you before it appears on your public profile page. To approve the testimonial, go to the ‘Testimonials’ section of your Agent Dashboard and you will see a list of 'Testimonials Needing Approval'. Click on the 'Review' button next to the testimonial you would like to approve.

Once you start the review process, choose ‘Let everyone see this testimonial’. You can also keep the testimonial private and hidden from your feeds by selecting ‘Keep this one private’. 

We convert your testimonials into a Visual Testimonial, so you can easily share it online and on social media (or anywhere you would like to share it). Click on a color from the color picker to change the border color of the visual testimonial.

You can download a copy of your visual testimonial by going to the 'Testimonials' section of your Agent Dashboard and you will see a list of 'My Testimonials'. Next to each testimonial is a 'Download' button, where you can download the testimonial as a PDF or Image. 

We only ask for testimonials from clients who were highly satisfied with your performance during the survey process.

When collecting the Testimonial we are also collecting permission from your customer to use and display the Testimonial 'as is' on your behalf. This means we are unable to make changes to it without their permission (aside from obvious typos). If there are parts of a testimonial that need to be edited, you will need to seek your client's permission. You can have them email us this permission at support@realsatisfied.com. The email should include the edits, your name and the property address.


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