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4.2. Repeating the Approval Process

Sometimes you may wish to repeat the Testimonial Approval process. The can be done easily using the 'Approve' link in the email you received from RealSatisfied when the testimonial was received.

If you no longer have access to that email, sign into your Agent Dashboard go to the ‘Testimonials’ section and scroll down to the ‘My Testimonials’ section. Once you find the testimonial you want to review, click the ‘Publish’ button and you will be able to complete the approval process again.

Once you start the review process, click on a color from the color picker to change the border color of the visual testimonial. Now, choose ‘Let everyone see this testimonial’ or you can keep the testimonial private and hidden from your feeds by selecting ‘Keep this one private’. Testimonials that you make Public will appear on your Agent Profile Page and anywhere that your Agent or Office RSS feed has been used.

You can now Share your Visual Testimonials with your Social Channels


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