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6.1. Quarantined Survey Responses

Quarantined Survey Responses

The RealSatisfied system contains a number of audit and validation checks to verify the authenticity of responses received for Agents. It's ultimately important to us, our customers and consumers that RealSatisfied Testimonials come from real customers involved in real transactions – verified testimonials and ratings that can be trusted.

When an item is Quarantined you will be notified via email.

When there are invitations that are 'Quarantined', these are also highlighted in the Team Members profile dashboard as displayed above.

(1) By clicking the 'Red Callout' shown above or selecting 'Response Quarantined from the filter
(2) the invitation list is filtered to only show those invitations.
(3) Simply click on the row to action the item.

For Quarantined item's you have 2 options.

(1) Request Review: where you believe that the quarantined item is an error, you can request a review. This will automatically open a helpdesk ticket for the review and a member of our team will look at the response.
     This will notify our team and the survey response will be manually reviewed. We will either release it, or we may come back to you to ask for further information.

(2) You may also opt to delete the invitation and response completely at this time. You can view the Survey by clicking on the PDF Icon at the top of this page.

Items remaining in Quarantine for an extended period of time may be subject to deletion from the system without notice to you. 

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