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3.6. Undeliverable Invitations (Bounces)

Undeliverable Invitations


When an invitation is Undeliverable (RealSatisfied receives a message that the invitation has been returned/ bounced) the invitation creator (or the office API contact) will receive a message advising of the bounce and prompting them to provide an alternative email address.

Agents can always see the status of their invitations and deal with any items requiring action from their Agent Dashboard. The invitation list is filtered to display bounces by clicking the 'alert' icon (1) or setting the filter to 'Invitation Undeliverable' (2). By clicking the row for the Undelivered invitation (3), you can apply a new email address to the invitation.


Resending Invitations are Undeliverable (Bounces) 

When reviewing your Undeliverable Invitations, you have the option to add a new email address and resend the message.

Note: If you have "create invitation" privileges you may also opt to delete the invitation.
If you do not have "create invitation" privileges there will be no delete button. Please contact Your RealSatisfied Admin or Account Owner for Assistance. 


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