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11.4. Quarantined Responses

RealSatisfied has a number of checks and validation processes in place to prevent 'gaming of the system' and ensure the integrity of response data for the benefit of all customers. Every survey response received is passed through our audit process upon receipt.

Responses that are identified as having failed one or more of these checks and validations are automatically Quarantined. Quarantined responses are not included in any reports, benchmarks or feeds.

The Team Member that created the invitation and the Team Member that it relates to are both notified of Quarantined responses.

At this point two options are available. You may either delete this survey response or you can request a review.

This response may have been quarantined in error. If you would like this response reviewed you may request a review by following the instructions below. Once your review request is received you will be contacted via our helpdesk within 2 business days.

To proceed in either case you will need to:

  • Sign in to your RealSatisfied account (https://app.realsatisfied.com/login
  • Navigate to 'Invitations' 
  • Select the Survey as advised in you Quarantine email 
  • Filter the list using the 'Show' drop down selector to display only 'Quarantined' invitations
  • Click the status icon and follow the instructions on screen

The reasons for the response being Quarantined are generally not reported to you. A member of our team will be in touch with you to follow-up any review request and will likely ask you for further information about the transaction or the event that the survey invitation and response relate to in a effort to establish it's authenticity.

We aim to conduct these reviews as quickly as we can. Your assistance in providing information requested will greatly assist with this process.





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