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1.2. Vanity Keys

Your Vanity Key is what makes your Agent Profile Page unique - john-smith in this example is your Vanity Key.

Vanity Keys are generated automatically and are based on the Full Name in your Team Member profile. If you are a team it will be based on the Team Name entered as Full Name in your profile. Where duplicates exist, a number is appended to the end of the Vanity Key e.g. John-Smith-1.

Vanity Keys are only generated once, if you change your Full Name, your Vanity Key will not be updated automatically. 

If you would like your Vanity Key changed, a request must be made via the helpdesk. Typically we will only chage your Vanity Key to something that represents your name, or a brand you use. RealSatisfied reserves the right to refuse any Vanity Key change request without reason or cause.

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