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1.2. Vanity Keys

Your Vanity Key is what makes your Agent Profile Page unique. In the example below, “john-smith” is your Vanity Key:


Your Vanity Key can be found below your name on the “Home” section of the Agent Dashboard and on the “Publishing” section of the Agent Dashboard.



Vanity Keys are generated automatically and are based on the Full Name in your RealSatisfied profile. If you are a team it will be based on the Team Name entered as Full Name in your profile. Where duplicates exist, a number is appended to the end of the Vanity Key (i.e. John-Smith-1).

Vanity Keys are only generated once, if you change your Full Name, your Vanity Key will not be updated automatically. 

If you would like your Vanity Key changed, a request must be made via the Help Desk. Please contact us at support@realsatisfied.com and we can assist you.

Typically we will only change your Vanity Key to something that represents your name, or a brand you use. RealSatisfied reserves the right to refuse any Vanity Key change request without reason or cause.

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