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7.1. Realtor.com

Once enabled, your RealSatisfied testimonials and ratings will be automatically published to your Realtor.com profile.

To Enable:

  • Sign-in to your Realtor.com account or create an account at https://www.realtor.com
  • From the Profile Manager, click Recommendations from the menu on the left hand side
  • Scroll to the section titled ‘Getting Recommendations’
  • Click ‘Add RealSatisfied’ and the following window will appear.
  • Add your Vanity Key. You can find your Vanity on both the “Home” and “Publishing” sections of your Agent Dashboard. This is how your RealSatisfied Agent Profile Page is accessed  (e.g. realsatisfied.com/Chrysa-Sabuelo).



The data for these syndications are controlled by you based on your setting for displaying ratings and testimonials. These settings are found in the “Settings” section of your Agent Dashboard.


Need more help?

Email us at support@realsatisfied.com or visit our YouTube channel for more helpful video tutorials.


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