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8.1. What are Customer Escalations?

Customer Escalations occur when a dissatisfied customer requests to be contacted by management/senior agency staff as part of their survey response.

When this happens a specific message regarding this is sent to the Team Members marked as Customer Escalation Contacts in their profile. 

The email message contains contact details for the customer (as provided by them), the comments they made regarding their lack of satisfaction and a PDF attachement of their entire survey response.

The email also contains a link that should be clicked once action has been taken on this by team member - the email will be sent to Customer Escalation Contacts daily until the acknowledgement link is clicked - this closes the loop and ensures that these requests are acted on.

It is highly recommened that more than one Team Member is set as a Customer Escalation Contact and that these requests are followed up in a timely manner.

Customer Escalation Contacts are managed with the Team Member profiles in the Team Member Access Privileges panel. Every office must have at least one Customer Escalation Contact, and there is not limit on how many you can have for an office.

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