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3.7. Customer Escalation Contact

If you are the Customer Escalation Contact, you will be notified by email of any survey participants who indicate that they are unsatisfied with your agency's service and that they would like to be contacted by the agency.

Customer Escalation Contacts are managed with the Team Member profiles in the Team Member Access Privileges panel. Every office must have at least one Customer Escalation Contact, and there is not limit on how many you can have for an office.

By default the Office/Agency owner is the Customer Escalation Contact.

When a customer escalation email is sent it will include an 'acknowledge' link that must be clicked by a member of the Customer Escalation Contact group to indicate that the contact request will be dealt with. The customer escalation email will be resent daily by RealSatisfied until it is acknowledged. This closes the loop on this action and helps ensure that no request for contact is lost or ignored.

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