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5.6. Encourage Reviews in Surveys


After your clients write their testimonials, the next page will prompt them to post the testimonial to the review platforms you selected when you created the survey invitation (check this support article for details).

The page will instruct your client to click the 'Copy Testimonial' button. A check icon will display indicating that it has been copied. Next, your client needs to select one review site at a time.

For example, they click on Google. A new window will appear directing them to your Google business page. Then, the pop-up box for the ratings and reviews section will appear, and from here they can right-click or press "ctrl+V". Their testimonial will now be pasted on the box. After they post their ratings and reviews, they can simply click the close X button to exit the window. They will still see the option to post to the other review platforms.

If your client decides not to post to the other sites by clicking 'No Thanks', a pop-up message will appear. Here, they can choose 'Back To Post' and complete the steps above. Or, they can click 'Finish Without Posting'.

In case your clients finished the survey without posting to Google, Zillow, or Facebook, you can manually resend the Encourage Reviews link from your agent dashboard. Follow the steps on our support page Repeating the Encourage Reviews Steps for guidance.


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