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5.7. How do I ask my customer to Post Reviews?

Once you have received a testimonial from a customer and have made the testimonial public so it is visible on your Profile Page, you can use Encourage Reviews to ask your customers to Post Reviews for you to the Review Sites you have configured.

You can watch the VIDEO TUTORIAL OR follow the steps below.

Step #1 - Log into your dashboard, and go to your Survey Invitations and Responses menu

Step #2 - Use the drop down FILTER to find Survey Responses with Encourage Reviews available

Step#3 — Choose the survey/testimonial you wish to use to an Encourage Review by clicking on the row from your dashboard. 

Step#4 — The survey information panel will appear. Click on the 'Encourage Reviews' button.

Step#5 — The Post a Review page for this Testimonial will be displayed.

Important: There are two ways to share the Encourage Reviews page with your clients.

  • Option 1  Place the link (or URL) of this page in a nice email to your clients "encouraging" them to post reviews on your connected sites.(see sample below)

  • Option 2 — You may also access this link through the "Say Thank You with a Coffee" option, or the Say Thank You with a Gift Card" option (For our Australian customers) as it will automatically be placed in the customized email. 

From this page, customers can click the site on the left by following the simple prompts (only sites you have configured are displayed) where they are then able to click to copy the review to their clipboard.

Step #6 This will then display the final step, to launch directly to the place to post the review. Once they have followed the prompts for each review site, they are all done!


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