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5.7. Repeating the Encourage Reviews Steps


Before using Encourage Reviews, please be sure to go to the 'Publishing' section of your Agent Dashboard and scroll down to the bottom to connect your Encourage Reviews accounts to RealSatisfied. You only need to do this once.

Once you have received a testimonial from a customer and have made the testimonial public, you can use Encourage Reviews to ask your customers to easily post that same Testimonial for you to the Review Sites you have configured.

From your Agent Dashboard, go to the ‘Testimonials’ section and find the testimonial you want to promote. Click on the ‘Encourage Reviews’ button. A pop-up box will appear showing two steps.

1. Choose from the drop-down menu which Review platform you want your client to post their testimonial. You can click the information icon (info) to learn more about this section.

2. Next, click the ‘Copy URL’ button and send this URL to your client. 

The URL will have instructions for your client and link them directly to the review section on your profile for the Review Sites you have included. Your client needs to select which site they want to paste the testimonial and click the 'Copy Testimonial & Launch' button.


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