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4.4. Downloading your Visual testimonials

You can download a copy of your visual testimonial (graphics) by going to the 'Testimonials' section of your Agent Dashboard and you will see a list of 'My Testimonials'. Next to each testimonial is a 'Download' button, where you can download the testimonial as a PDF or Image. 

We only ask for testimonials from clients who were highly satisfied with your performance during the survey process. When collecting the Testimonial we are also collecting permission from your customer to use and display the Testimonial 'as is' on your behalf. This means we are unable to make changes to it without their permission (aside from obvious typos).

If there are parts of a testimonial that need to be edited, you will need to seek your client's permission. You can have them email us this permission at support@realsatisfied.com. The email should include the edits, your name and the property address.


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