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5.1. What is Encourage Reviews?

RealSatisfied pioneered the syndication of ratings and recommendations for the real estate industry. We knew agents needed a simple way to manage their customer satisfaction and performance data and deliver the results it to the places consumers could see them. From the start, RealSatisfied had provided agents with the solution required to simplify a needlessly complex process of distributing agent rating and testimonial content.

Unfortunately, not all sites that provide a place for real estate ratings and testimonials allow the simple syndication of this data from third parties. This has created considerable frustration for our customers and needless effort on the part of consumers.

We've decided to take some steps of our own to make this process easier.

We have collected feedback from a number of clients who have had considerable success in encouraging their clients to take the extra steps to place their feedback on multiple sites  - mostly in conjunction with our 'Say Thank You With A Coffee' feature. We liked the concept and decided to have a look at how we may be able to make this easier, both inside and outside of the existing thank you process.

The result is Encourage Reviews. A simple way to encourage clients who have provided a Testimonial to post their feedback on sites that require direct posting by the customer.


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