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9.2. Foreign Transaction Surcharges

There Are Additional Fees On My Credit Card Statement. Why?

We are an Australian company and we process our credit card transactions through an Australian Bank (read more about that here).

There are two types of surcharges that customers with card issued outside of Australia may encounter.

  1. Foreign Currency Conversion Fees. These fees currently only impact Canadian customers purchasing Starbucks giftcards, as these are paid in $US. We make every effort to process transactions in your local currency. This is one instance where this is out side of our control. The surcharges charged by your bank will appear as a different line item on your card statement and they are levied by your bank.
  2. Foreign Merchant Fees. These are very different and appear to only be charged by some US banks. For US customers we process all charges in $US - there is conversion occurring, therefore no conversion fees applied. This charge is made directly to you by your bank/card issuer. We have no control over it, and no visibility as to when it is charged. This surcharge, where applied, will appear as a different line item on your card statement. We pay an uplifted % for each non Australian Dollar (AUD) transaction we process (an additional fee), to recognise the international aspect of the transaction. For further information we recommend contacting your bank to ask them why it is being charged. 


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