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9.1. Australian Merchant - Braintree

We Process Credit Card Payments In Australia

As you may know, RealSatisfied is an Australian company (we are based in sunny Manly, NSW Australia). 

Our credit card merchant is provided by Braintree Payments (https://www.braintreepayments.com/) and our credit card transactions are processed in Australia.

While most of our customers are able to make payments with us with no issues, on occasion, if your card is issued outside of Australia, your card issuer have restrictions on your ability to process transactions with us.

This is not a common occurrence, however it can be a little frustrating if it should happen to you.

Declined Transactions

When a transaction is refused, we do try and tell you why (we are limited to the messaging that is returned to our merchant from your bank or card issuer). 

Some of these messages are simple to understand eg: 51 - Insufficient funds some are a little more vague eg: 05 - Do Not Honor.

In most cases you will need to contact your bank to be able to use a card that returns one of the following errors:

  • 2000 Do Not Honor. This generic response indicates that the customer's bank is unwilling to accept the transaction. The reasons vary; the customer will need to contact their bank for more details.
  • 2001 Insufficient Funds. At the time of the transaction, the account did not have sufficient funds to cover the transaction amount. Subsequent attempts may be successful.
  • 2002 Limit Exceeded
  • 2003 Cardholder's Activity Limit Exceeded

Our experience is that the contact to the bank need only to be done once.

The following errors can typically be resolved by the you or your card issuer

  • 2005 Invalid Card Number (check the card number and try again)
  • 2002 Insufficient Funds 
  • 2003 Cardholder's Activity Limit Exceeded
  • 2004 Expired Card (This may occur with a recurring transaction if the new card has been issued - you may need to update your card with us)
  • 2005 Invalid Card Number (check the card number and try again)

The following errors typically cannot be resolved with this card and another card will need to be used

  • 2006 Invalid Expiration Date
  • 2007 No Account
  • 2008 Card Account Length Error
  • 2009 No Such Issuer
  • 2010 Card Issuer Declined CVV
  • 2012 Processor Declined - Possible Lost Card
  • 2013 Processor Declined - Possible Stolen Card
  • 2014 Processor Declined - Fraud Suspected
  • 2015 Transaction Not Allowed
  • 2016 Duplicate Transaction
  • 2017 Cardholder Stopped Billing
  • 2018 Cardholder Stopped All Billing

Why are you refusing my card, it works everywhere else?

When we try to process a card, our merchant (our merchant, Braintree) contacts your bank electronically to process the transaction. We can only complete this when your bank/card issuer approves it. 

You may have used you card to buy office supplies or pay for an ad somewhere just before you tried it with us - and it worked fine. We understand this can be frustrating and a little confusing when it happens.

When your card is declined, it is being declined by your bank/card issuer - it does need to be resolved directly by you as the cardholder with your card issuer.

Don't panic, this can normally be resolved with a call to the bank/card issuer and saying to them...

"I am trying to make a payment using my card to a company that is based in Australia, however it is being declined. Can you please assist me in allowing this and future transactions with them to be processed."


Need more help?

Email us at support@realsatisfied.com or visit our YouTube channel for more helpful video tutorials.

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