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17.1. Adding RealSatisfied Data To Your CloudCMA Presentations

CloudCMA is a robust reporting tool that offers Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) reports, Property reports, Buyer Tours, and flyers for real estate agents. Cloud CMA uses MLS data to create reports that are attractive to the consumer and integrates with data from other popular sites to deliver a comprehensive experience for agents and consumers. Now with agent reviews and ratings from these two popular sites, consumers will have the opportunity gain a complete understanding of the type of agent they are working with.

To Enable Automatic Syndication Between RealSatisfied and CloudCMA, follow these simple instructions.

  1. Login to your Cloud CMA account.
  2. Click on the Setting link (top right of page)
  3. Click on the API link (in the black navigation toolbar)
  4. Under Services enter your Realsatisfied Vanity Key (Your Vanity Key)
  5. Click on the "Update Services" button.

CloudCMA RealSatisfied Setup

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