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16.2. brokerWOLF - Loading Your Agents At Launch

Agent Account Creation

While RealSatisfied does create new agent accounts as required when a transaction for an agent is sent to the RealSatisfied API by brokerWOLF, ideally all existing agent accounts should be created at launch. Experience shows that this is the best way to launch RealSatisfied to your brokerage when integrating with Lone Wolf/brokerWOLF.

Upload Template

RealSatisfied supports this process via an upload template. The most current version of the template is available here.

The template contains 3 worksheets

  1. Information - this describes the information being collected in the template, detailing each of the fields, formats and requirements.
  2. Office - this can be used to load your offices, although we would recommend adding this manually via the broker interface for most customers (Adding Additional Offices).
  3. Team Members - this sheet is used to provide your Agent Roster for loading. 

Reporting Team Members From brokerWOLF

Lone Wolf have provided a set of instructions for exporting a list of Agents from brokerWOLF to excel to assist in being able to provide the completed template. If you require assistance in creating this report, please contact Lone Wolf support.

Do you have multiple offices? You can add all agents into the same upload file, just remember to add a column to tell us know which office the agent belongs to.

Agent Photos - Agent Photo's are important. The brokerWOLF report does not include them, however you can add them to the template (using links/URL's only please), agents can add them when they receive their welcome email and login information.

Once you have completed the upload template, send it to the helpdesk (help@realsatisfied.com) and we'll be in touch to arrange a launch day with you. 


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