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16.1. Lone Wolf - brokerWolf

Integration With Lone Wolf : brokerWOLF

US and Canadian customers that also use brokerWOLF can access the RealSatisfied Integration provided by Lone Wolf.

Each office participating in the Lone Wolf integration will need their own set of RealSatisfied API keys which are available to Account Owners from inside the RealSatisfied Broker Pro account.

To access the keys from the office dashboard go to the Admin menu, and firstly ensure that the API Is enabled under Owner Settings. Once enabled, the key the API keys are available under API Settings.

Once enabled, the integration automatically creates RealSatisfied Survey Invitations on the close of transactions in brokerWOLF. 

The attached documentation describes how to include your API credentials In your brokerWOLF settings.

note: The integration attracts additional fees (ratecard is currently set at $129 to set up and $9 per office, per month) directly from Lone Wolf, (pricing is set by Lone Wolf and is subject to change). You will need to contact Lone Wolf support or your Lone Wolf account manager to request ORDER FORMS and have the integration enabled.


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