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Documentation for the RealSatisfied API

1. RealSatisfied API Documentation

1.1. Accessing your API Credentials

To access the credentials from the office dashboard go to the Admin menu, and firstly ensure that the API Is enabled under Owner Settings. Once enabled, the key the API credentials are available under the API Settings tab.

Please note, only account owners can access API credentials.

1.2. API Documentation

Documentation and the Developers Sandbox for the RealSatisfied API can be found at http://www.realsatisfied.com/developer

2. Simple Office API overview

2.1. Office API Implementation

Creating an integration with the RealSatisfied API for an office that creates/maintains and sends invitations can be achieved using one resource.

POST /invitations

You will need access to an Office Account that has the API enabled and a set of API credentials for that office.

Each office has a unique set of API credentials

Please see the related pages on the lower right and the attached document (RealSatisfied.Office.API.pdf) for further information.