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3.1. Survey Invitations & Responses

Survey Invitations & Responses

Note: If your account is part of an office/broker account, Send a Survey Invitation will require you to have 'Create Invitations' access.
If you do not see the Send an Survey Invitation link, you do not have access. Contact your RealSatisfied admin or account owner for more information.

  1. When an invitation to complete a survey is sent to your client, it is logged in your account and it's status will show up in the "invitations" window of your dashboard. Any item that requires your immediate attention will show up with an alert at the top of the box. As you can see in this example, there is one invitation missing client details, two testimonials that need approval, one invitation that was undeliverable and one in quarantine, indicating that it has triggered our audit & verification filter. Clicking on any of these will allow you to quickly and easily take action to correct or approve.

  2. The default view is "all invitations," and when you click on the filter a dropdown menu appears that gives you access to any invitation type you'd like to see. It also includes an indication of which items require action on your part.

  3. You can access any survey directly by clicking on the row that shows the invitation identification. Each survey type will show you different details about that invitation. Clicking on a completed survey, for example will allow you to see the full survey responses in PDF form and promote the results.

  4. Clicking on a survey that has been sent, but not responded to, will allow you to resend a notification to your client. The pop up windows for these actions should be self-explanatory in context. 

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