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3.3. Invitations Requiring Additional Details - Email Notification

Invitations Requiring Additional Customer Details - Email Notification

When invitations are sent on your behalf, either by an administrator or via an integration with a 3rd party system, on occasion these invitations may not include an email address or other customer details. When this occurs the Team Member that the invitation relates to will receive a notification similar to that displayed above. The option is provided to add the details to the invitation without needed to sign in to your account. 

Adding Customer Details to Survey Invitations - Direct from Email Notification

When updating customer details directly from the invitation, the above screen is displayed. Should a possible duplicate invitation be detected, a warning will be diplayed prior to the invitation being sent. Once details are submitted the invitaiton is sent to the customer immediately 

Adding Customer Details to Survey Invitations - Mobile Device 

A mobile optimized version of this screen is also available, streamlining the process from a mobile device.

NOTE: If you get a message that the email is not valid, make sure there are no blank spaces before or after the email address.




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