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1.3. Settings

Using the settings on your Agent Profile Page you can manage what appears on your Agent Profile Page and your Agent Profile rss feed. 

From the dashboard click the link to your profile page on the right. If you are an admin and would like to edit another Team Members page, go to Admin>Team Members. Click on a Team Member. Inside their profile there is a link to their Agent Profile Page, click it.

You are now accessing the Agent Profile Page in Admin mode - you can tell by the settings link at the top right of the Agent Profile Page.

Click the settings link. Once you have done this once for that Team Member, the page will remember your computer from then on with a cookie.

A screen appears called Profile Page Settings. 

From here you can show or hide your Client Rating and Client Testimonials 

In the middle of that screen are two tabs, Social & Other Review Sites.

Under Social you can set the details for your Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook page/profile as well as your personal website if you have one. When these details are set, an icon for each 'service' that links to that service appears with your profile information on your page.

Under the 'Other Review Sites' tab you can set links to selected review sites available in your country. Enter the link to your page/profile on these sites.

By setting these sites here an icon to them that links to your page/profile on the site will appear with your profile information on your page.

Further to that, when customers complete a survey and provide you with a Testimonial, they will be prompted to share the testimonial on the site/s that you have set-up.

The short video below shows how to change your settings as a Team Member

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