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1.3. Settings

Using the “Settings” section on your Agent Dashboard, you can manage what appears on your Agent Profile Page and your RSS Feed. From the lower left corner of your Agent Dashboard, click on ‘Settings’.

Here is a summary of each setting:

Display My Ratings - this is where you can choose to display or hide all of your ratings. You can also choose to display your ratings in detail (showing the rating for each survey) or in aggregate (a blended average of all ratings).

Display My Testimonials - this is where you can choose to display or hide your Testimonials.

Lock My Profile - If your account is integrated with another system via our API, this prevents a third party system from updating your Profile via the API. This can be useful if you have made edits directly in your profile that you do not want to be overwritten. You can only Lock a profile from your Agent Dashboard. Locked profiles can only be edited via the Broker or Agent Dashboards.

For some integrations, the email on the account must match what is listed in the API. Changing the email on your RealSatisfied account can stop the automatic creation of Survey invitations. Please check with your Office Admin before making a change to your email.

Notifications - here you can choose whether or not to receive email notifications related to survey invitations and gift reminders after your client completes a survey.

Survey Language - you can choose the default language for your surveys when they are sent to your client. At this time, we offer English and Spanish surveys in the US, and French in Canada. 

Default TimeZone - click on the drop-down label to choose/change your default timezone.

Change Password - this allows you to change your password. Click on the pencil icon then enter your current and new password. Click save.

Close Account (Agent Pro & Agent Lite Only) - this will remove your account access, disable your profile page, and permanently delete all of your testimonials, surveys, and ratings. Please note, we do not offer refunds or partial refunds once you have been billed/invoiced.

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