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13.1. Adding Your Second Office

If you have a second office in your company or group you can manage multiple offices as a single account owner.

From the Owner Settings tab under Admin click on 'Add Another Office' and you will be promted to enter a name for your group of offices as well as the basic details of the new office you wish to add.

Once you have completed this step you will be a Team Members in each of the new offices and will see a new Multi Office dashboard appear. In the top right corner you can navigate to any of the offices in your group and from there continue to use manage the office just as you are used to.

The key differences now being

  • The Owner Settings including Data Aggregation (Benchmarking), API access and Close Account are all managed at the group level for all accounts within the group
  • All offices in the group are billled centrally at the per office rate
  • Credit Card management is done in one place centrally

If you need to Change the Owner of a Multi office account of deactivate an Office, please contact support.

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