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10.1. Sending Invitations by loading a list

Need to send invitations in bulk? Perhaps you need to send a Landlord Loyalty survey to your owners every 6 months . Sending one invitation at a time can be time consuming when you have a few hundred to send.

No problem - you can load a list of invitations to send!

Creating and sending multiple invitations at once is a breeze using our simple Cut & Paste wizard.

Create a list of invitations using your spreadsheet program (like Microsoft Excel or Google Docs). Each team member needs their own list as team member's are loaded seperately. Download a sample.

Each column needs to be completed for each invitation (don't forget to remove the sample rows in the sample file if you use it as a template).

After signing in to RealSatisfied click 'Invitations' from the main menu. You will be presented with a tab for each survey you have access to. Click the tab of the survey you would like to send an invitation for.

If this is the first invitation for this survey, you will see an instruction on the screen, otherwise there will be a list of invitations previously sent and their status. The details below are in the context of a Landlord Loyalty survey. Click the 'Upload List' button.

You will see detailed instructions on the screen on how to proceed with your file. You will need to have your file open so that you can copy and paste the data into RealSatisfied.

There is a limit of 1000 invitations that can be loaded at time.

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