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7.6. RSS feed

Every user with an Agent Profile Page will also have a unique RSS Feed. These RSS Feeds can be used to integrate profile information, ratings, and testimonials into other websites - for example an agent's website or their profile page on an office website. 

The feed contains real time data that is updated automatically, and the contents of the RSS Feed are controlled by the settings within the “Settings” section of the Agent Dashboard, where you choose how to “Display My Ratings” and  “Display My Testimonials”.

Accessing your RSS Feed is fairly simple, just add your Vanity Key to the following url: http://rss.realsatisfied.com/rss/agent/VanityKey

Here is an example:


In the example above, 'Chrysa-Sabuelo' is the Vanity Key. The Vanity Key for each agent  can be found on both the “Home” and “Publishing” sections of your Agent Dashboard.



Your website developer or the person/company that manages your website should be able to use your RSS Feed to display your ratings and testimonials onto your website.


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