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7.3. Social Media Manager

When you receive a testimonial via RealSatisfied, you can easily share these testimonials to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Simply turn on the toggle to connect your account and give permission for RealSatisfied to publish to your account. 

1. Facebook

  • click on the toggle and sign into your account
  • from the drop-down menu, select the Facebook Business Page where you want your visual testimonials to be published to.
  • click 'Ok'

2. Twitter 

  • click on the toggle and sign into your account
  • click the ‘Authorize appbutton.
  • Your agent dashboard will refresh. Your account should then be connected and the toggle will be on

3. Instagram

Please make sure that you are connecting to an Instagram Professional Page and that you have connected it to your Facebook Business page. If you don't know how, refer to these support articles: Converting Your Instagram Personal Page to a Professional Page and Connecting your Instagram Professional account with your Facebook Business page

  • click on the toggle and sign in to your account
  • click on 'Next'.
  • from the 'What Pages do you want to use with RealSatisfied?' select your preferred 'Facebook business page'  and click on 'Next'
  • the 'What is RealSatisfied allowed to do?' will show needed permissions for Instagram
  • click on "Done"
  • In next window 'You've now linked RealSatisfied to Facebook", click on "OK"
  • A pop-up window will appear saying "Select Instagram Business Account Timeline", select your desired Instagram account & click on "Ok"
  • Your screen will show the message "Your account is now authorized on Instagram."

4. Linkedin

  • Click on the toggle and sign into your Linkedin account.
  • Click the ‘Allow’ button.
  • Your agent dashboard will refresh and the toggle will be on

Once enabled, you can now Share your Visual Testimonials with your Social Channels


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