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13.3. Managing Multiple Offices

If you are a RealSatisfied Admin with access to multiple offices, when you first sign into RealSatisfied an additional menu option will appear at the top of the screen.

Selecting an Office This includes the multi office selector. As a multi office admin, you will have access to each of your offices dashboards as well as access to administer user across your offices.
To work within an individual office, you do so via the dashboard for that office. Accessing the dashboard for each of your offices is achieved via the multi office selector.

Multi Office Dashboard

The Multi Office Dashboard is the first screen that you will see when signing as a multi office user. Dashboard itself shows some high-level statistics for your offices and provides access to a number of menu options.

The Dashboard menu takes you to the Dashboard you first see you when signing in. The Manage menu provide access to use administration across your offices and the reports menu provides company level reporting.
The reports available are essentially the same as those available at the office level except they are aggregated at the Company level.

Managing users across all of your offices

From the Manage menu you can administer the Office access that agents and staff have.

Locate the user whose access you would like to update (you can search by name in the top right corner). To view the current access, click on the office icon ( house)

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