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7.1. Communicating With Agents

The most important aspect of launching the RealSatisfied platform is how you communicate the launch to your agents. The last thing we want is for an email from us to show up in their mailbox and their response to be, "Who is this and why have they set up an account without my permission?" This is not a great way to start a relationship, as we're sure you will agree. 

Agents should be alerted to the fact that your company is going to be engaging our services to provide customer feedback and they should be assured of the following: 

1. They will always be in control of whether or not customer satisfaction data is made public on their RealSatisfied profile page. 

2. No individual survey scores are ever made public on the RealSatisfied platform, only aggregated data is made available. 

3. They must approve every testimonial/recommendation collected by our system on their behalf before it is made public and made available for syndication. 

4. The system is easy to use.

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