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7.1. Communicating With Admins

While we believe our broker dashboard is simple to use, any new system is likely to create some angst among new users. It's important that you communicate in advance, before adding an admin to your system, that a new platform is being launched. Giving their fair warning and providing them with a couple of tools to "play" with prior to launch can help smooth the transition. 

We've put together a quick RealSatisfied Broker Dashboard Walkthrough Video that should help. Here is the link you can send to your admins. https://vimeo.com/realsatisfied/review/117313754/34f526cd2d

You can view the video here. The video link includes instructions on where your admins can go to demo the features. 

RealSatisfied Broker Dashboard - A Walk Through from RealSatisfied on Vimeo.

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