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6.1. Adding Team Members Manually - One At A Time

If you are not planning to integrate with a transaction management system, like BrokerWolf, or integrate via our open API, you may want to set up your agents manually.

This is done via the Admin tab > Team Members Add New Team Member button.

You can both add and edit Team Members from this location. Click on "Add A New Team Member" and you'll be taken to the following screen.

This will allow you to set the Team Member's access level, whose data they will be allowed access to, whether they are Administer access only and determine if they will be an escalation contact. Select Administer access only for Team Members that administer RealSatisfied for your office and don't require invitations to be sent on their behalf or to be included in reports can be identified by checking the box above. Team members set as a Customer Escalation contact will receive messages relating to dissatisfied survey respondents that wish to be contacted by office management. While we recommend having more than one Team Member set, a minimum of one is required. You can have as many of either as you wish.

Whether or not you choose to give agents the ability to send their own invitations to take a survey is a personal decision, but we suggest that you manage that process for your agents, at least for Buyer and Seller Surveys. If you'd like agents to be able to send other types of surveys, check Create Invitations (Limited). This option limits send access on the Agent Dashboard to surveys to those that are typically not API automated. Buyer and Seller surveys are not included with this access

When you've set the proper access rights for any team member, you may decide to include a personal message with their account setup notification. You can do that right on this page. 


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