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1.2. Setting Up Your First Office

Once your credit card information has been processed, you will be taken to the "New Account Wizard," which is a set of screens designed help you set up your first office. If you have more than one office, this first office should be your main company office. 

Fill out the form and click continue. You will now upload your company logo. This logo can be unique for each office, but the first logo uploaded should be your main logo. You are not required to upload a logo at this time, but if you have it handy, it's probably a good idea.

Once you've uploaded the logo, you're done setting up your first office. If this is the only office you have, you can then begin adding team members. In our vernacular, "Team Members" are agents and account administrators. However, if you're wanting to launch all of your agents at the same time, you may want to use our spreadsheet option for loading agents into the system. 

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