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Essay outline and composition

Let's go into a little more detail about the conventional structure of an essay. Writing an essay plan is not obligatory, but often this stage of the work helps to start writing an essay. With the help of the plan, you can outline the sequence of the future outline.

As we have already noted, compositionally the review is divided into three parts: the introduction, the main part, and the conclusion. These parts are not highlighted in the text in any way, but their presence creates the logic of the text.

The introductory part is designed to interest the future reader in the problem posed. One of the common tricks is to start the essay with a question that will be answered later. Anyway, the introduction should create a certain emotional mood, a desire to read the text further.

The main part contains a series of judgments on the topic of the question. Usually the main part has several subparts, each of which consists of three sections: the thesis (provable judgment), justification (arguments used to prove the thesis), subconclusion (a partial answer to the main question).

Arguments can be various life situations, opinions of famous people, etc. Argumentation is structured as follows: first a statement is given, followed by an explanation of it, an example is given, on the basis of all this a final judgment and conclusion is made.

The final part contains a summary of the conclusions on the issue at hand. The author returns to the problem and makes a general conclusion on it. The purpose of the final part is to create a general picture, to give integrity to the whole text, to unite all reflections.

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