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4.3. FaceBook

Facebook Information:

Facebook permissions are grouped, we don't use your friend list for any specific purpose. It is requested as part of a group of permissions, some of which we do require, such as posting on your behalf (when you post a Testimonial to FaceBook) and seeing the pages you administer (so you can connect to them if you wish).

The way that Facebook requires us to ask for these permissions is outside of our control, however we only use the permissions we are granted to facilitate your ability to post Testimonials to Facebook pages or profiles.

Facebook Pages are treated differently then personal accounts/pages. You must first allow access to your personal account, before the process ends you will be asked to "select a timeline" from the pull down, your business page (if linked to your personal account) will be listed and you can select for your testimonial to be posted on that specific page.

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